Our heterogeneous team is composed of employed and freelance professionals. We manage a network based on expertise and mind set fit. According the project requirements we find the best people for the job.


Philipp Gonzales-Scheller

ITR8 CEO, Agile Transformation & Product Consultant

Laura Landschek

Design Sprint Coach, Innovation Consultant

David Barnowsky

UX Consultant & Product Manager


Markus Ernsten

Agile Leadership Coach

Andreas Gross-Zerilli

Agile Leadership Coach

Dr. Arndt Pechstein

Enterprise Agile Coach, Management Consultant


Alexander Jansen

Agile Leadership Coach

Thorsten Steinbach

Product Discovery & Delivery Coach

Frank Jergl

Hybrid Coach


Robert Hopp

Agile Product Coach

Kathrin Brandt

Agile Team Coach

Dr. Jan Farkas

Hybrid Coach


Stefan Haas

Agile Product Coach

Daniel Schäfer

Product Delivery Coach


Dan Hellert

Head of Finance